Nootrpics from China?

I’m looking into purchasing some to try and I’m all about finding the least expensive quality option. I’m specifically looking at Aloha GPC and noticed it’s much cheaper on Ali Express. I tried researching how to find a quality one, but they all seem to be the same. Any downsides to trying it from Ali Express?

Not sure about Ali Express or other, but if it helps: my company purchases a couple of tons of A-glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline each year, generally in 100k lots, and our best price directly from China is $140 per kilo, so use that as about absolute bottom. This is for 99% pure. AGP is extremely hygroscopic, so it usually comes in a 50% solution (with 50% magnesium stearate or some other anticaking), so be sure you check if it’s the 99 or the 50. If you’re only looking for a kilo at a time, I’d suggest getting it from a more local seller (Amazon, etc), depending on where you live.

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I bought fish with a made in china label from walmart and it tasted really bad. China has some very very serious air pollution problems.