Obsessive self-tracker

Hi folks,

I’m a neuroscientist and an obsessive self-tracker - in bursts. I use the Emotiv EPOC to track daily brain activity and analyze various macro aspects from spatial and temporal complexity of the signal to synchrony across brain regions. I am exploring relationships between these features and my physical activity, energy, moods, concentration and focus, diet, hydration, sleep. I’ve found lots of interesting things I hope to share on this forum (that may not pass muster in academic peer review with an n of 1).


Would love to hear more–I’m surprised that the Emotiv has enough resolution to do that level of analysis! With devices like the NeuroSky et al, you’re lucky to get a variable that reflects your level of focus, averaged over some time…

Hi there. I’d love to hear what you find. I’m a sporadic (but always enthusiastic) self tracker, and now also anthropologist researching the quantified self community.

I’m waiting on a Melon EEG, which had far fewer sensors than the Emotiv. But I’m a (sometime) Zen practitioner, with a neuroscientist boyfriend, so if I can help get your experiments up to n=2 I’d be delighted to help.

I’m also hoping the Melon ships soon, mainly so Muse has to lower their price :slight_smile:

Would be interesting to see a comparison of all these devices, including an honest assessment of what they are good for.