Offline personal survey app

As an update to various posts several years ago:

Is there an offline personal survey app with the following features I originally described in a StackExchange post:

I would like to monitor my mood over time. Basically, I want an app that lets me create a questionnaire that I can take as many times as I want during a day and export the results.

As inputs, I expect to be able to select:

  • Sliding bar
  • Radio buttons or Drop-downs
  • Free form text box

I expect to be able to export the data to a text file for later analysis.

There are tons of offline survey creators available, however is there a simple one that completes these basic tasks? I’m fine with paying for it.

Related Apps

  • T2 Mood Tracker: Allows for sliding-only inputs. Although data export is possible, it’s unclear on how to read the binary export file.
  • Track Your Happiness: Doesn’t allow for customized questions.

Related Questions

There is a related question “Android app to ask me questions randomly during the day”, however the difference is:

  • I don’t need random interval notifications, since I will use Randomly RemindMe for that purpose.
  • I want a fixed set of questions I can answer, not a question selected randomly from a set.

I can imagine why this doesn’t exist at a price range of less than 20$/month. Specifically:

  • Feature creep could make the app annoying to maintain
  • Data storage can be expensive
  • Cross-platform mobile dev tools (i.e. Flutter and React) have only recently become usable
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I’m looking for a similar thing (and am hoping to decide on something in the next week or so, so I’ll write an update when I decide!). I started from this journal article that has a table that assess a bunch of apps by different qualities:

I’m going through these at the moment.

I’ve also found one called Reporter:

It’s a one time payment of $3.99 that looks very customizable and exportable. Are you looking specifically for an android phone?

Let me know what you decide on!


Thanks for the great reference! Unfortunately, I’m currently using an Android phone, so I wouldn’t be able to use Reporter. However, I’ll update this thread if I do find an app that works for me.

Great, I’ll do the same!

I’ve found Memento Database helpful for a quite similar use case.

for a couple suggestions and please add here when you find more. Also