Omega-3 & Me

I have been supplementing on and off with fish oil since 2017, when a blood test (OmegaCheck) showed me at “low” risk, but only just about, and efforts to increase my fish consumption to more than one serving a week went nowhere.

Tried different brands and doses, and ended up with a dose of 2g of Omega-3s per day from Nordic Naturals capsules.

March 2022

Did a new test, with OmegaQuant, to see if all that investment in fish oil is paying off:

Can’t compare the results to those from the previous test directly (different reference ranges etc), but, as before, there appeared to be room for improvement… So I switched from capsules to liquid fish oil, which let me increase the daily dose to 3g of Omega-3 per day without breaking the bank. Moreover, maybe absorption would be better?

September 2022

Follow-up test with OmegaQuant:

Looks like I’m getting close to maxing out on the Omega-3s! In fact, the charts now seem to imply that you can overshoot…

One of the supposed benefits of Omega-3s is to keep triglyceride levels in check. My triglycerides have indeed fallen from 75 mg/dL in 2019 to 61 mg/dL now, but hard to know for sure how much credit the fish oil deserves.


Reduce the daily dose to 1.5g, and retest in 6 months to see if levels continue to increase, plateau, or drop.


Forgot that I had this chart, which provides a bit more history:

A History of Fish Oil

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