Online cognitive tests

What are some good cognitive tests available over the Internet? Here are some I know of: - requires money though (to be honest, I’m not sure if I can trust percentile comparisons from services that require money) - Online cognitive tests: attentional, perceptual, executive, item span, memory, experimental

I just signed up for Lumosity. First few lessons are free–not sure what they charge after that…

Cognitive Fun has some, too. I’m not satisfied with any that I’ve seen, which is why I’m working on my own, but I’m interested also to hear what others are using.

Dual N Back software is a best bet as far as maximizing price ($0) and value.

Not much variety there, though. There are many different kinds of cognition. Search an area of interest (e.g. musical ear training) and you can usually find some free reusable test that suits you. If you are verbal, for another example, timing yourself on daily free crosswords is another good approach. Universal Crosswords is good for this.

If you want a close-to-free ($3.99) baseline IQ score, the entry test for IHIQS is highly normed.

i’ve been playing Dual N Back for a month or so; highly recommended! love the graph which shows progress. i tried luminosity but thought it was way expensive for what you get.

There is some published work on the benefits of Cognos’ training to improve working memory in ADHD children. Luminosity references it in their recent paper on training in adults. But the Cognos approach is the opposite of QS: expensive, closed, etc. The potential benefits to ADHD kids (and potentially adults) seem significant, and I’d love to see a more scalable option (Lumosity or another) step in to fill the gap. There doesn’t seem to be anything free, despite the number of children who might benefit. Maybe one could convince the Khan Academy to offer working memory training modules based on the published literature.

[quote]There doesn’t seem to be anything free, despite the number of children who might benefit. [/quote]No, there a free open source implementation of dual n-back.