Open Data For Research


I’m a Phd student in information visualization and I’m working on a new type of visualization for QS data. For my experimentations I would like to uses some “real”, time stamped, data set.

I’m particularly interested by data such as :

  • personal or familial energy consumption
  • nutrition
  • telco
  • others …

Do you know if I can find some opensource downloadable dataset to make my test and work on my visualization design ? Or do you have some ?

This data could be anonymised I just need the quantification over time and the categories of this quantity.

If you know where to find it, please send me a reply message with the URL, or if you have some please send me a PM.
I will send you back the result of my experiment.

Thank you for your reply.:slight_smile:

Hi sybeo,

I don’t know of any for the info that you asked about that is specific, but I currently have some data that you can use if you want too. The data is what I am collecting on myself for my own personal sleep study. So far it is collected from my Nonin Onyx II 9560 Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter so blood O2 levels in percentages & heart Rate in bpm. I also have data that is a little less precise, but is also for my sleep from my Zeo and it is awake, light sleep, REM, and deep sleep during the time I was asleep. The time intervals are 1 second apart. It is just data and I would love to see what someone thinks they could find in it. I am ordering a Zephyr BioHarness 3 and then I will be able to add HRV and BR to the data with the same time intervals.

Hi that’s sound could !
Where I can download it ?
Best regards

OK, it is not a lot of data. I am still building the habit of monitoring.

I’m still putting the data in a excel sheet. Once it is I will up load it.