Open Humans is launching the "data selfie"

We’ve had many people at Open Humans ask if they can upload data that doesn’t fit into any of the pre-defined categories or services we’ve setup.

We now allow users to upload data in any format to a “data selfie” section of their profile. We think this will be useful for the Quantified Self community as a way to share their data among the community and with researchers.

Test results, medical imaging, genetic data, microbiome data, and Quantified Self data like sleep or fitness tracking data are examples of things we expect people might want to share.

If you enroll in our Public Data Sharing study you can share this data with the public at large. :slightly_smiling:


Any plans for an API to write “data selfies”?

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There’s currently an API for getting data out of the data selfie (as well as the rest of an account’s public information), though it has just launched and is yet to be documented (this will happen in the next couple of days).

We’re thinking of the “data selfie” is an area for “other” data. For structured data or data with an API we try to do a direct integration.

Did you have a use case in mind? :slightly_smiling:

For one-off sharing, you can of course export your data from whatever app you are using, and upload it to OpenHumans, but this is less convenient for sharing data continuously (assuming there is a valid use case for doing that).

Sure, I’ll chime in with an example! Let’s say I have all of my data on a personal server and want to participate in one of your studies. And let’s say I only want to provide access to a limited set of my data (date range, specific fields/joining data from multiple tables, or other aggregations). In this case having access to an import API would be convenient.

Or conversely, I could simply issue you OAuth credentials to my server to provide access to my data, whether it be continuous or for more “ephemeral” use cases.