Open source mobile experience sampling platform

Sylvia Serino, a PhD student in Milan, sent in this video and description of the open source tool she’s developing for psychophysiological research, called PsychLog…

PsychLog: a personal data collection platform for
psychopshysiological research

YouTube video of how it works:

Assessing and monitoring emotional, cognitive and behavioral dimensions of human experience, both in laboratory or in clinical settings, have a central role in psychophysiology research. Recent progress in wearable biosensor technology, wireless connected to mobile
platforms, offers the opportunity to deliver ubiquitous and unobtrusive assessment during daily activities. Computerized experience-sampling method, including a mobile-based system that collects psychophysiological data, appears to be a very promising assessment
approach to investigate the real-time fluctuation of experience in daily life. At this purpose, we developed PsychLog ( a free open-source mobile experience sampling platform that allows psychophysiological data to be collected, aggregated, visualized, collated into reports and shared also beyond the laboratory settings. Our
smartphone-based system collects physiological data from a wireless wearable ECG equipped with a three-axial accelerometer. More, the application allows administering selfreport questionnaire to investigate participants’ feedback on their quality of experience in its various cognitive, affective and motivational aspect of daily life.

Sylvia can be reached at with any questions.