Open source self-tracking tools

KYou is an open source self-tracking system for users of services built on the open source cloud platform Cozy:

You can:
-Track your Mood and understand why you feel good sometimes and what is responsible for making you feel bad.
-Count every day the number of achievements you recorded with Cozy Todos.
-Count the number of mails you receive every day (it requires Cozy Mails).

Eventually the developer says he wants to add many more features, including, I think, some that aren’t specifically tied to the Cozy platform.

This reminds me of the Locker Project:

… But I’m not sure what the status of that project is now that the company behind it, Singly, has moved on to other things.

ThinkUp is a very different sort of project – a sort of self-hosted Klout – but similar in that it’s open source and self-hostable.

Are there any other interesting open source tools for self-tracking? I’m particularly interested self-hostable tools and others that don’t require you to share your data with cloud service providers. is a much more advanced open source solution for self-tracking, but I can’t comment on how easy it is to set up.