Ouija is a proposed platform purposed towards democratizing access to personal neurological health

This will be done by aggregating diverse sets of data, including various high-fidelity neural scans, relevant medical reports, and real-time EEG monitoring via a non-invasive brain-computer interface to actualize a high-fidelity “God View” of the users neurology, so that they can comprehend + proactively monitor their brain activity, functioning, integrity and any perturbations due to aging / damage.

I (Eros, bd.ai founder) will be the initial test case for this initiative and my actual neurological and health data will open-sourced for use in this project. The gif at the top of this README is an axial MRI scan of my brain taken @ Stanford.

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Sounds like a great project! Though “helping you scratch the tip of the iceberg” would seem like a more appropriate tagline than “god view”, given how limited the data we can collect still is :stuck_out_tongue: