Our new bio-electrical sensors - V1bes http://youtu.be/rNvtc9LBlLo

Hi All,
Thanks for a great QS Conference in Amsterdam.
We now got our presentation video so please have a look and tell what you think. It’s only 3 minutes.
I release it now in order to:

  1. test it for our planned crowdfunding campaign during next fall (we will do an update to the video based on feedback we receive) and potentially taking in seed investors prior to the crowdfunding
  2. for getting sponsors since we are a competition team at Nokia Sensing X-Challenge (it is for remaining tech Nokia, not Microsoft) http://nokiasensingxchallenge.org/
  3. send out a some beta-sensors for testing and getting feedback (testing is free but we expect that each sensor is kept for one week only and then mailed to the next tester)
    I really appreciate to hear what you think.
    We use OP-Innovations technology and our data/app software is open (the beta-apps are released only for testers).
    Gustaf Kranck
    Founder, The Mind App Ltd
    Video: http://youtu.be/rNvtc9LBlLo