Panamath: estimation, reaction time

I got around 90th percentile.

Very interesting! Thanks for finding and posting this.
This is an interesting battery to test cognitive function.

I’m not sure much resolution it has for ceiling-level performers.
It doesn’t seem to go–at least explicitly–much beyond the 90th percentile.

Fun test. Did you try taking it again, and did your score change?

I tried taking it twice in a row, the first time trying to go fast, the second time trying to be accurate. I was ever-so-slightly more accurate the second time, but was significantly faster.

I wonder what the practice effects are with this test.

No, but I’ve been meaning to try again. I too am wondering about the magnitude of the practice effect. Though I imagine given the previous studies that they have a good handle on practice effects. You might be able to derive average practice effects by looking into the studies.

Btw, do you mean to say that you were actually faster the second time when you weren’t trying to go as fast and instead focusing on accuracy? That’s strikes me as rather counterintuitive!

I randomly switched strategies for one difficult problem midway and I ran out of time! I had no idea that would happen lol. From then on, I just focused on giving a relatively quick, gut-driven answer.

Yes, I was faster the second time, but I think I was just naturally biased toward going really fast, so focusing on taking my time just didn’t work.