Participate in academic research on sleep tracking

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I am a PhD researcher at Queen Mary University London and I am conducting research on sleep tracking with wearable technology. For my first study I am looking to interview users of wearable devices who wear it during the night, and who are particularly interested in their sleep data. It is necessary that English is the main language you use to communicate in your day to day life (though you don’t have to be a native). If this is you and you would be interested to participate in the study, please follow this link and fill in the very short survey:

This will help me to identify and select participants for my study. The interviews will be conducted via a video chat and will last up to an hour. As a thank you for your time and participation in the interview you will receive £10 (or equivalent in your currency) either in form of an Amazon voucher or via Paypal.

Please be aware, the amount of people I can interview is limited and follows a quota, so I might not be able to interview everyone who signs up at this stage.

Thank you for your interest!

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Anna Nagele (