Participate in Physical Activity Study in Boston, MA

Would you like to participate in a physical activity study and help Northeastern University researchers detect physical activity from wearable sensors? We are looking for healthy individuals located in Boston, MA between 35 and 85 years of age willing and capable of participating in a physical activity study. We will schedule 1-3 testing visits on campus, two of which last about 1 hour and a longer session that lasts about 4 hours. You will also wear sensors and a wearable camera for a period of 7-8 days and participate in daily video calls with a researcher (roughly 30 min/day) to answer some questions about your physical activity while you were awake. You will receive up to $550 or $750 in compensation for participating in this study. This depends on the data collection group to which you will be assigned (Group 1 including sleep measurement or Group 2 excluding sleep measurement). This assignment will be done randomly using a flip of a coin or any other similar method of chance. At the end of the study we can send you csv files of results from the wearable sensors. If you are interested in participating, please send me a message or contact to set up a zoom call with us.

I’d be glad to help but I live in California. You are posting on an international forum, so if you need people to show up in person you should mention the location in the title.


Added! Thank you