Pebble Apps

Hi all,

I recently purchased an original Pebble. I am interested in replicating (or bettering) the data capture experience I had on my Fitbit Flex. I’ve installed the Misfit app. Are there better or additional apps I could be using? Any help is greatly appreciated.


I use an original pebble as well with MisFit. I find the sleep and step data to be quite valuable. I would also recommend iSmoothRun to track any real workouts. It will display your customized stats on he pebble during workouts. I feed all the data into the Apple Health App and extract it using “Health Export” a $2 app in the iTunes Store. Also for swimming I like SportsTimer as a lap counter.

Be sure and sync your misfit data daily with your phone. I do it first thing in the morning. The early pebble does not have the storage to hold more than a day of steps and sleep data.