Perform n=1 Experiments with Reflect - Track Anything iOS App

We created an iOS app called Reflect - Track Anything. Whether it’s your mood, symptoms, activities, events, performance, supplements, habits, or weight, Reflect offers you a high level of control to record anything you wish. We currently support integration with Oura ring and Whoop, and are planning on adding more integrations in the future.

We recently added the ability to run n=1 experiments. With this feature you can test any hypothesis imaginable, such as “I think this new supplement will improve my mood” or “I think running my air purifier at night will result in better sleep.”

With experiments you can choose between multiple schedule types so that you can apply your intervention in the best way possible.

Once your experiment concludes, you’ll receive a detailed report of your results that includes statistics and plots you may share with others.

Here are just a few examples of some experiments you can run with Reflect:

  • How does quitting coffee affect my sleep?
  • How does having less stimulants affect my motivation and wakefulness?
  • How does volunteering at an animal shelter affect my sense of meaning?
  • How does adding salt to my water before workouts affect my maximum workout heart rate?
  • How does reducing sugar affect my drowsiness throughout the day?
  • How do kegel exercises affect my pelvic floor symptoms?

With the flexibility offered by Reflect, the possibilities are endless. Check out our website for more information about the app. This is a brand new feature and we’d love your feedback!

Sounds great, assuming you are avoiding the naive correlation trap…

Who is “No Translation Layer LLC”? Some people might want to know before trusting you with any of their data :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Who is “No Translation Layer LLC”?

Great question! We’re two developers who decided to turn a passion project into something we wanted to share with other people and dedicate our full time to. As far as our values are concerned, we place a great emphasis on privacy and ownership over one’s data – the app keeps all data local to the device. We have more information in our privacy policy.

Is there anything else we can help you understand about the company?

Reflect now also has Events. With this feature, you can discover things such as:

  • How have my activity levels changed since sustaining a leg injury?
  • How have my distress levels changed since having an insight while meditating?
  • How much socializing am I doing since moving?
  • How much has my sense of fulfillment changed since switching jobs?

This feature lets you select specific metrics of interest and will also automatically discover metrics that changed significantly after each event.

Reflect provides enormous flexibility in defining the metrics you track and makes it straightforward for you to answer nearly any question you can think of. We’re really excited about this feature and would love your feedback!

That’s great! But who is behind “No Translation Layer LLC”?

It’s kind of hard to trust something that’s both closed source and anonymous…

That’s a good point, thanks for the feedback. We just added an About Us page to our website to address this, hope that helps!

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We’ve recently added Apple Health integration to Reflect! The initial version of Apple Health integration allows you to sync data about your sleep, exercise, and daily vitals, such as weight, heart rate, HRV, blood oxygen saturation and respiratory rate. Some of these metrics are only available if you have an Apple Watch or other compatible fitness tracker linked to Apple Health. You can correlate these metrics to anything you track with Reflect, such as mood, supplement usage, activities, habits, and physical symptoms, or integrate Apple Health data into an experiment in the app.

We have a tutorial for how to set up the integration on our website (the steps for Apple Health and Oura are the same). We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. We’re also looking to add additional health metrics to the supported list if there’s community interest, so please let us know if there’s something you would like to see added!

The question I want to ask of my quantified self data (collected in Apple Health via an Apple Watch and a Withings BP monitor) is:

  • What effect has medication X had on various physical metrics Y1, Y2, Y3, … Y♾️

except that Apple has decided that nothing can get to the medication data. It doesn’t appear in exported data and none of the other apps can access it either.

You pointed out the problem we’ve been working to address over the years – Apple Health keeps their garden walled. I don’t track my medications (or any manual entry data) in their tools because of it. I’ll just skip over the frustrated rant over the fact that when asking their support for the my data export of my medications they say it’s “not possible.” (I wonder if Google Health Connect also restricts people from their own data in this way.)

I would honestly just stop using Apple Health to track medications, and any other tool that withholds your own data from you. You can’t get it out of their ecosystem, and by continuing to add it in, you’re missing the chance to analyze it yourself.

I know this is a thread about a different app and many of y’all have seen me recommend our nonprofit built mobile app Best Life before but I feel a recent feature may address this specifically.

Best Life has a scatter plot graph in the app that allows users to select a variable and then compare it to another variable. I’ve done this with medication and blood pressure to see how it possibly relates over time. If you’re familiar with it, Clonidine has some serious interactions with blood pressure and ceasing your dose leads to some multi-week spikes before you return to your baseline. Boy was that evident in the data :sweat_smile: Also explained some other symptoms along the way.

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