Period Tracker App


I’m working with a small team of subject matter experts (e.g. women) to develop an app to help women more effectively track their menstrual cycles.

We’ve created a survey to help identify the shortcomings with existing tools as well as find out what ancillary information women would most like to track if ou have 3-5 minutes please help us out by taking our survey!

please feel free to share the link with anyone who you know would be interested or retweet my earlier tweet about the survey from here

Thanks so much!

Hi Jared, I noticed that the questions assume the user of such an app is female. Probably a good assumption most of the time, but perhaps not always justified.

Gary, it’s a good point, and one we’ve thought of… the target user is someone who has a menstrual cycle, irrespective of gender identity. The use case that you bring up is on our roadmap, people share period information with different people for different reasons, and at different levels of granularity. We believe that the person who is logging the information is likely to be the person who’s having the symptoms. We’ll learn from our users and adjust our expectations, but hitting the 90% is the goal for the first release.

Thank you for the feedback. We’d certainly appreciate a tweet from you to the survey. Maybe once we have a working beta we can come give a talk about process at a QS meetup.

Right, it makes sense. I’m intrigued by what the use pattern is. If we can shake off some sexist clichés that get in the way, we can probably surface good family benefit from tracking menstrual cycles.

That’s the goal, no reason for stigma or shame. The system will be as open or private as the user wants. I don’t know if anyone will tweet their cycle but who knows?

We’ve had great turn out on the survey, thanks everyone who’s filled it out or passed it on, the more the better, any sharing you can do it appreciated.

I’m glad that worked!! I think one of our jobs at QS is to support feedback and dialog for toolmakers, and I’m always happy when there is good response to requests like these. Good luck with your app!