Perpetual Life Hacker - Is it possible to hack Rock Climbing?

Hi everyone. Glad to have found this forum. I’m a traveling professional. I work in product design and market-fit/product launch consulting for a variety of industries including most predominantly media and high-growth technologies.

I try and hack everything I do. Sometimes I’m strategic about it, and sometimes I just take random action and hold it as long as its proves effective.

Something that has stumped me for several years just happens to be my favorite sport. Apart from sort of base-line tendon strengthening and physic improving hacks, I have yet to find an effective way to hack Rock Climbing, and be able to track, predict and accelerate my advancement in the sport.

So, though I suppose it may be difficult for those that don’t climb to understand the difficulties I pose the question to you all, HOW DO YOU TRACK/HACK ROCK CLIMBING?

Motion capture gear?

I think its a difficult problem, because you sit with 3 dimensions, 4 limbs, different gradings and different routes.
I also climb and there is a big climbing game in the form of ratings. has rankings.
Or are you looking for a more active form of tracking?

It’s not impossible if you know the ropes.

But it is a very rocky area to get started in.