Personal analytics service for software developers


Hello fellow Quantified Selfers and life-loggers.

Announcing Codeivate, a plugin for Sublime Text editor that provides a personal analytics service for coders.

Compare yourself to programmers from across the planet

Get a live profile

Or login to see you best/worst days to code.

How it works
[]Signup on the site
]install the plugin through Sublime Package manager
[]enter you authentication details
]Check the site to see your progress

This only stores aggregate information i.e. I don’t record individual keystrokes, filenames, file content etc just high level info.

This is currently in Beta and under active development, available from, check the blog for details

Some example answers I hope to provide are:
[]What day of the week/time of day do I code the most?
]Do I get distracted more at work or home?
[]How does my use of programming languages compare to others?
]What language do I get least distracted / have the highest output in?
[*]Am I getting more, or less productive in a particular language?

I would love to hear any feedback!


  • Paul

hi Paul

I looked at some of the visualizations and I like the idea of getting some information about my work. Unfortunately, I don’t code in Sublime…

What I miss is to understand how you collect the data and calculate the metrics (focused work, productive, XP, etc.). This could help me better believe in the authenticity of the numbers…