Personal API - Quantified Dave

The concept of a “Personal API” really excites me. I’ve been wanting to build a personal diagnostics dashboard for quite sometime. Quantified Dave is my first attempt at this.

There are an infinite number of possibilities of what one could do with such a mass of data and I plan on continually adding new metrics as I get time.

Unfortunately obtaining the measurements is for the most part a manual effort. Blood pressure and blood glucose are inputted into a spreadsheet right now. This has resulted in the data that exists being far from controlled. Blood glucose has been measured at random times of the day for example. This is also something I will need to work on.

I’d love to hear the metrics you guys are most interested in seeing.

How about location data? I find that knowing where I was (or even what I was doing) is one of the most useful pieces of information when looking at my data (even if it’s just to exclude data, e.g. data recorded when traveling).