Personal Data Art

Dear guys an girls,

I know I saw some personal QS data-art on the QS-conferences. But I haven’t seen much more of it. Personally, I have a little fetish for graphs and pie-charts. Thus, I was wondering if more QS’ers have some beautiful “Personal data art” to share here.

I just did a little data art-project on my own (link). I am a little disappointed about how insightful my “art” has become, but maybe that makes it beautiful.



Thanks for sharing - I dig it! Some playful thoughts on future alternate presentation ways:

  1. Try left to right instead of scrolling
  2. It might be cool to print it out on a long sheet and make the ends meet to create a cylinder and put a light in the middle.
  3. Assign midi values to each number and each column and let the music play :slight_smile:
    4, Make it searchable through interaction (Clicking on a sunny day sorts how everything looked on sunny days, etc.)
  4. Normality of data overlaid. Where are the mean values for each column? (As an aside, should we have a normal distribution? If it’s skewed is that a good or bad thing- or does it mean the scale for measuring is wrong or I am not objective enough?)
  5. A tapestry would be cool
  6. Create this out of actual tiles or rocks
  7. Make a game. Give people x number of variables and see if they can predict what some other variable will be.
  8. Make the art in conductive ink so you can run a finger over it and light a bulb or change a sound.
  9. Make an LED for each column and let the brightness change for each day.

It might be interesting to actually put those variables you see correlation with next to each other. Things might be more obvious (or not :wink: )

Have fun - great job!!

Thanks for being inspiration for my brainstorming :slight_smile:

Be well!


Might not be too hard to do the music one, assuming this tool works:

Their monkey-DNA example sounds prettier than I would’ve thought, so Justin has a high bar to clear.

Justin, if you haven’t heard of it, you’ll like this project:

Two people had a weekly assignment to produce a personal data visualization on a postcard and mail it to the other.


Thanks for sharing Justin! I love it… I could imagine it like prints on fabric!

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Thank you very much @nez for your long list of thoughts! They are really creative and I might do a few! Definitely, I will do the music one which @danwich and @nez both suggested. Awesome that such a tool is available for free of use. And actually, I am moving from house to house right now so lamp idea might be quite useful!

@Steven_Jonas that project is awesome indeed! I’ve send them a tweet. And hope to visit their exposition in London soon.

@AnnaFranziskaMichel that would be cool as well :slight_smile:

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You are very welcome!! Have fun and looking forward to your art!

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