Personal Experiments Research Study, get a free Jawbone UP!

Have you ever tried something out hoping it would improve your personal productivity or sleep habits? Were you unsure how long you should try it or whether it worked? Are you willing to track your data? Would you like a free Jawbone UP?

If so, Dr. Henry Lieberman and Ian Eslick of the MIT Media Laboratory are recruiting for a research study to evaluate an online tool called Personal Experiments that collects and analyzes personalized evidence for, or against, a specific health and wellness intervention. The site is designed to help motivated non-scientists define and execute simple self-experiments to improve their own lives.

The study will ask you to try one self-experiment to improve sleep or productivity out of a collection of five for each category. As part of the study, we will be giving out a personal activity tracker, the Jawbone UP, to the next 20 people to sign up whether you are assigned to a control group or not. If you complete the study and an interview, you can keep it!

If you wish to participate, please go to to learn more and follow the instructions there to sign up if you are interested. If you have additional questions, please write directly to Ian Eslick ( or check out the FAQ at

Thank you,
Ian Eslick