Personal Science Wiki

The staff at Open Humans has opened their wiki to the public! Personal Science Wiki

Beginners should have a much easier time finding the right devices and apps for themselves as well as setting them up and using them.


There are a surprising number of relevant Wikis emerging Online these days. This is another example of that. Thank you for the heads-up.

I was not aware of other wikis. Could you share them please?

Absolutely. I work with the following two Wikis:

  1. Longevity Wiki

  2. H+Pedia

I’m sure there are more, but these are the two other Wikis that I enjoy and participate with.

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Those are interesting but they do not really compete with the health tracking and personal science wiki because they mention only a few devices, apps or tests that could be used to record and measure health. This is an interesting page: Health 2.0 - H+Pedia

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Show and tell talks have been uploaded and semantically linked. Category:Show and Tell - Personal Science Wiki

Just discovered this today. Excited to see there’s already an entry for ActivityWatch :slight_smile:

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Please feel free to expand it with your unique insights into it! :slight_smile:

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