Pet Tracking? Gut microbes and more

Hi! I’m wondering if anyone here tracks their pet’s health, and/or has recommendations for their favorite resources for pet tracking. My friend and I (we’re scientists) are creating a new way for pet owners to track their pet’s diet, digestion, etc, and would love input on the best options already out there.

Currently, we (AnimalBiome) have a gut microbe testing service for cats and dogs that will give owners a breakdown of their pet’s dominant gut bacteria. If anyone’s interested in trying this out, they’re for sale on our shopify site I created discount codes, KITTYQS and DOGGYQS, that price the kits exactly at our costs ($45, expires Jan 1st), as thanks for any input this community might have on pet tracking. Our goal is to create a comprehensive tracking service for pet owners, regardless of whether or not they pay to sequence their pet’s gut microbes. With this data, we’ll develop better treatment options for pets with digestive disorders.

I appreciate any input. Thanks and best wishes!