PhD position: participatory research, peer production & QS

Hey everyone,
I’ll start a new position as a fellow at the Center for Research & Interdisciplinarity in Paris soon and I’m looking for a (fully funded) PhD student to join me in this!

My research will focus on how ideas and methods of peer production can help to open up volunteer participation in all stages of the research cycle in citizen science projects. My own background is in participatory research that makes use of self-collected personal data in all dimensions.

For this project I’m especially interested in how we can build ecosystems and pipelines that allow participants to self-organize, taking their n-of-1 experiments and turning them into n-of-many-1 experiments to collectively learn about themselves and improve their quality of life.

To me, all of this seems very well aligned with the QS community! Some more details on the project and the open position can be found at

Please feel free to reach out with questions at any time!


I am currently working on my PhD in the US. Would you be willing to entertain something like a 3-4 month stint working with you in your lab once my course week is finished in a year?