Physical and mental health tracking

I just want to improve my life by monitoring some key points for me and improve my general health.
Here are my reasons to do so:

  • Know my weight and its evolution to see if my diet and physical activity are adequate.
  • I need to assess my level of willpower, which is the key indicator of my mental well-being, in order to be motivated and in a good mood.
  • I need to know how many cigarettes I smoke, and when I will have stopped, how many days I have been smoking, and when I feel like smoking, in order to stop smoking completely and permanently.
  • I need to count and record all the alcohol I drink, so I can control and reduce my alcohol consumption.
  • I need to evaluate the sports I do, if possible with biophysical measurements, to evaluate and improve my physical condition.
  • I should also know the quality of my sleep, because it influences my physical and mental health. Doing so will allow me to evaluate the efforts made in the other fields of action.

I will keep this post updated with my progress.


Congrats on starting this project log. Will be glad to hear about your progress and cheer you on. A question: What is the first of these you are tracking? Iā€™m interested especially in your cigarette observations. If you are able to track this for a couple of weeks and post a baseline, that would be a powerful way to start.