Physiological Measurement - The Journal

Physiological Measurement is a great journal that has many articles available for free. Worth exploring. :slight_smile:

From the website the description says:

Physiological Measurement publishes papers about the quantitative assessment and visualization of physiological function in clinical research and practice, with an emphasis on the development of new methods of measurement and their validation.

Papers are published on topics including:

applied physiology in illness and health
electrical bioimpedance, optical and acoustic measurement techniques
advanced methods of time series and other data analysis
biomedical and clinical engineering
in-patient and ambulatory monitoring
point-of-care technologies
novel clinical measurements of cardiovascular, neurological, and musculoskeletal systems
novel clinical measurement of flows and pressures in lung, heart and blood vessels
measurements in molecular and cellular and organ physiology and electrophysiology
physiological modeling and simulation
novel biomedical sensors, instruments, devices and systems
measurement standards and guidelines.


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