Picture and measure

Hi Everyone,

I have seen food calories calculator like myfitnesspal and other apps that manage food picture.

Is there any apps that can scan your food picture and automatically count calories into the plate?
Sounds like ideal to avoid manual input into myfitnesspal.

May be I’m dreaming…


MealSnap tried to do this back in 2011. In 2014, they still hadn’t launched. And that’s because determining the number of calories in food is a very hard artificial intelligence problem, which not even humans who can look at the food in person can get right with a fair degree of accuracy; let alone by looking at a photo.

This kind of an app would have to be a subscription service, and if it would save you time, you could sign up for Fiverr or contract with a TaskRabbit or an Elancer to text them food pictures and have them add the calories they estimate to an online spreadsheet. You should find plenty of people willing to do that for less than $2/day.

Well I guess augmented reality could play a role in that technology then.

You are right not an easy task…