Plz help with sever lower back pain?

my lower back (right where my spine meets my hips) constantly feels like it needs to pop and wont, plus it is extremely painful. this has been going on for over a year and doctors are giving really bad advice. walking around helps a little but so far none of the stretches i have tried have worked. plz do NOT suggest sitting on the floor and twisting to one side i have tried this for years and it never works. i have also tried advil aleve tylenol motrin and prescription pain meds. none worked.

Hello albabu46,

Get a tennis ball or a lacrosse (the firmer the better) and sit on it. Make sure your glutes and hip flexors come into contact with the ball. This should break up the muscle fibers and restore your flexibility and mobility. The back pain is most likely coming from a tight psoas muscle, tight hip flexor, or tight IT band. Let me know how it goes.