Podcast tracking?

Does anyone know of a way to track podcast download/listening/subscription activity for the iPhone?

I guess this is not something most people look for, but you’d think there’d be an activity log SOMEWHERE of all these events . I could really use that data!


Many people track what music they are listening to. Usually the data is sent to Last.fm, via a “scrobbler”. Might work for podcasts, too?

I want to quantify my past activity unfortunately. Thanks for the suggestion though - could be a good option when planning ahead.

I believe it is possible to do gather this data from iTunes, at least on the Mac, and if it is configured to sync subscriptions with your iOS device. There are people writing AppleScript against iTunes + Podcasts, managing listening, subscription, etc. So, that is a sign that it may be possible.

I personally have it on my list of data to collect. At the moment I am working on extracting the SMS, iMessage, and related data from an iTunes iOS backup directory and insert it into my personal database.

This is 100% possible, but no “out-of-the-box” method that I’m aware of.

Read this: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201610

It is the iTunes Library.itl file that would most likely be the easiest place to collect this data off a machine. Downside, I haven’t been able to crack how to open it (Apple proprietary format, argh!).

Interesting. Good to know this file is somewhere, although its contents remain a mystery.