Polar H10 for continuous API export

Before I buy the H10 I was curious about your experiences using it.

Would it be possible to have it run (almost) 24-7, and use an API to have the data automatically collected?

For context:
I want to correlate a lot of variables with my mood, and my research concluded that HRV (along with GSR, but I can’t find reliable wearables for that) are some of the best indicators of mood.

A couple of things here.

a) Although H10 is the most comfortable chest strap i tried, it’s quite uncomfortable for more than a few hours! So wearing it for so long is quite difficult
b) It’s intended to be used for a few hours daily - hence the batteries don’t last that long. you would need to buy many of them, if you do 24 hours daily!

Regarding exporting data - you can connect with their API easily with Terra

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I would recommend the Wahoo Tickr if you’re after comfort mainly, but Polar is the best in terms of accuracy and features.

Polar has an API that you can get access to, and start correlating/recording mood etc against. If you’re looking to correlate metrics from wearable’s Vital’s API is free to use, and probably a lot quicker to get started.