Pop-up tracking app

Hi, I’m new here and I was wondering if anyone knows of a free app that tracks with pop-up notifications on windows? What I’m looking for exactly is something that will pop-up on my screen every specified amount of time with a question and I click yes or no and it records my answer. For example, every 5 minutes I get a pop-up question that asks Are you being productive? and the option to choose yes or no, it then saves the answer and I can look over the data and create a spreadsheet later manually if I want etc. I think the pop-up is helpful because it serves as a reminder so if I’m not doing what I’m supposed to I will switch tasks. I could just use a reminder app but I can’t find one that will keep a record of my answer which is the problem, because yes I want to be reminded to stay on task but i also want to be able to review the data and analyze trends etc.
Thank you for any assistance

update: I found an app, it works on several platforms, you can check it out yourself here

i found another app, however the one in the previous comment is more effective for me as you can regulate your time intervals. however, this app has integrations with fitbit, office 365 and polar so it may be more useful to others. you can find it here