Portable Continuous Heart recording & notification Monitors? ECG EKG HRV? Before a pacemaker becomes mandtory

Portable Continuous Heart recording & notification Monitors? ECG EKG HRV?

One of the elders in family who has been a swimmer for decades but seems to have now…

  • Blockages that had to fixed with 2 stents

  • But more critically has major low pulse / possible drop - some kind of Irregular issue that needs to be diagnosed for.

So far doctor prescribed 24 48 hour ECGs using Doc given Multi lead devices were done.

We might have to do a 2 week one.

To diagnose whether its some flavor of Pulse/ Heart beat irregularity and which flavor… as they say Pace Maker is possibly on the table?

What kind of parameters could/ should we LOG continuous data, by using QS devices?

Is 24/7 ECG / EKG Graphs + Pulse Rate + HRV + BP the way to go?

Which of the above to record and what devices might you suggest for longer term monitoring/ logging? Maybe some detection / notification?

I had exactly the same discussion yesterday.

A few things here:

a) you have different sensor types
b) you have different tracking times

For a) you have ECG, EKG, and Optical - Polar H10 is great for ECG, but it’s a chest strap hence uncomfortable. Optical is comfortable, but it’s not so accurate and then you have the EKG like Kardia

For b), I think it’s the important bit. It’s great to be accurate in the measurement, but you cannot predict whenever you will have a non regular sample. Hence, the ones that measure statically ‘whenever you activate’, they are accurate but you cannot rely on them. Any optical and some ECGs have 24/7 measurement, which gives you a good look at the rate of change


1st thanks for responding.

2nd which discussion (since I saw you had lot of posts in diff threads. )

3rd I was not aware of ECG vs EKG (I felt they both were just interchangeale) - had read/ heard of Optical ones being different.

So most EKGs are more like medical devices and not 24/7 ones?

Contec sells a real multilead EKG holter for 3-400$. Polar H10 is only HRV not EKG.

Have you looked into Kardia/Alive Cor EKG, they have 12 and 6 lead EKG’s?

Thanks for sharing. Are they more of “doctor prescribed use devices”? By the looks of it?

Came across them and older models, but are they not “on request” i.e. rather than passive 24/7 in the background types?

there exists app to record ECG from H10

I’ve used the Kardia and found it useful as a training device to check whether my subjective experience of arrhythmia was reflected in the data. But I don’t use it often. Here is an image of the data it records, with an arrow where the there was an arrhythmia. (There is another, you can see, five beats later.)

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