Potassium and Weight Loss

I’m signing up for this study and this will be my project log as I try to find out if taking a daily dose of 330 mg - 1420 mg potassium chloride (KCl) will lead to weight loss. Details are at the link.

I take K (sometimes more than 5g/day) every single day and I don’t lose weight at all.
Eating potatoes only will bring depletion in other areas.
I need to add that I have Conn’s syndrome that leads to dangerous K loss.
My age : 61.
My diet is French, cooking from scratch and mostly Mediterranean food.

I didn’t end up signing up because I worried that excess potassium could have unknown effects on my cardiac arrhythmias.

You should check why you have them. It might be due to loss of k.

That’s very interesting; thank you for leading me to this rabbit hole I went down researching more about potassium and arrhythmia.

[Hypokalemia-Induced Arrhythmia: A Case Series and Literature Review](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8989702/#:~:text=Moderate%20hypokalemia%20(2.5-3%20mmol,to%20cardiac%20arrest%20[5].)

Yes, I do think there is a link between electrolyte deficiency and my arrhythmias. I posted an update here: Triggers of Arrhythmia. In the update, I said that I think there is a positive feedback loop: PVC’s trigger more PVC’s. But I didn’t mention that my very first arrhythmia episode, a pretty severe event that made me lightheaded to nearly losing consciousness, occurred about 6 years ago after a heavy cardio workout when I was probably dehydrated. Since I’d never had PVC’s up to that point, I didn’t know what they were, so it was frightening. However, after that time I became pretty attentive to hydration and salt and potassium intake when exercising and even in normal daily life. I’ve had many episodes that I don’t think were caused by low K. But I do think that first severe episode may have “taught” my cardiac nerves the PVC rhythm.