Premature Contractions (PAC PVC) on heart measuring

I have periods of premature contractions. I have done ECG, ultrasound and other things and my doctor says that they are harmless. But I would like to measure them to find correlations to different life style things, such as coffee, high intensity training, sleep etc.

Can this be done cheap and reliable?
I have a Garmin Fenix 3 watch and HR band and an andorid phone.


Haven’t had much luck capturing data 24/7 with a chest strap that needs to remain connected to a mobile app.

Something like the Hexoskin ($400) might be a better solution. It’s less awkward to wear, can store data for a couple of days (but needs more frequent recharging), plus records breathing rate and volume.

thanks, that seems like a nice solution. But a bit expensive
Im not sure I need 24/7 actually. For the moment I do some manual counting in specific times. Something automatic would be preferable :slight_smile:

The other problem with chest straps (and shirts, to a lesser degree) is that they don’t get a good signal if your skin is dry (so you need to start sweating first, or apply electrode gel)… For doing short, high-quality ECGs, AliveCor ($100) could be another option.