Program for protection against stress and for meditation

Thanks @JohnWick and @fitness_futurist.
They reminded me of the old program.
I took it out of the archives and started using it again.
I’m going through a period of extreme stress right now.

This is a sample program. There are other versions.
Windows operating system.
Turbo Pascal programming language. Delphi 7 programming environment. Free. Portable.
The program can be used as a sample for other operating systems.
I haven’t posted the source code anywhere.

Measurements of the results of the program on the brain were carried out in 2010-2011, but the statistics were very small.
Subjective experience is a completely working program.
I just go into the space behind the computer screen and relax.

Maybe forum members would like to try the program.

Brief description of the program.

Trans Player program “Trance Energy”
Version 1.0
Author Vitman M.
year 2009

System requirements:
Any computer with Windows 2000/XP/7/8 operating system

1 Purpose of the program.
The program is intended:

  • for effective relaxation and entertainment;
  • increasing vital energy and strength;
  • protection from chronic stress;
  • protection against chronic fatigue;
  • conducting meditations and increasing creative activity.

Subjectively gives an anti-stress effect.

The recommended duration of sessions is 30-40 minutes per day.

2. The program uses technologies:

  • SIRDS stereo images;
  • color therapy;
  • computer semantic psychocorrection (only as a sample, for the effect the user does not have to know the content of the signal);
  • binaural sound exposure;
  • musical influence.

3. Program operating modes.

  • “Trans” This mode is used to turn off after completing work and
    restoration of strength. Corresponds to theta - frequency activity of the brain. 4-5 Hz mode.
    Ability to create a playlist for audio files.
    It is used for sessions lasting up to 30 - 40 minutes.

  • “Meditation and Creativity” This mode is used to activate creativity and learning.
    restoration of strength. Corresponds to alpha frequency brain activity. 8 Hz mode.
    To solve creative problems.

  • “Energy”.
    Invigorates, sets you up for active and decisive action after rest.
    Causes an increase in energy. Concentrates psychic energy for
    achieving goals. Corresponds to beta frequency brain activity. Frequency -15-30 Hz.
    It is possible to enable only binaural exposure.
    It is recommended to use after each trance session to return to an active and vigorous

4. Setting up the program.
All modes provide for the launch of a disguised plot of suggestion, introducing
subconscious psychological target setting of activity.
The plot of the suggestion can be changed independently.
It is possible to replace stereo images and sound files.
Panel and button colors are user selectable.
The user can choose audio accompaniment for trance.
Closing sessions is done by clicking on the screen.

The program is not recommended for use by persons suffering from epilepsy and
cardiac arrhythmia.
This is a warning just in case.

TrancePlayerEn.7z (1.0 MB)