Pumpkin Time - a new Pomodoro application - is in public alpha

Hello QSers!

I’d like to proudly present Pumpkin Time - a time management web application based on the Pomodoro technique. While I know there is a lot of Pomodoro apps out there, I hope Pumpkin Time can do a few things better than others. Namely:

  1. It’s more focused on keeping your work log than on just giving you a timer. It allows you to see how much did you work on any given day - how many pomodoros did you complete, how many pomodoros were interrupted, how much time did you spend working, when did you take your long breaks etc.
  2. It doesn’t make an assumption that your pomodoros end exactly on time. They probably should, but we are not leaving in a perfect world. It lets you know with a timer that it’s time for a break (or to get back to work), but it waits for you to confirm. Also, it doesn’t assume that you know ahead of time if the break will really be short or long, so instead it saves your break as short or long depending on how long did it turn out to be post factum.
  3. It doesn’t assume that your day ends with your calendar day. Working past midnight won’t create confusion, as your pomodoros will be recorded for any day you like.
  4. The interface is simplified as much as possible, so that things you probably do most (starting pomodoros and breaks) will be accessible with one click or tap. Also, there’s an “Undo” function.
  5. It’s designed for both a small screen of your phone and a large display of a desktop computer. On the phone, the interface is small and concise, with only a few essentials being on screen at any given time while allowing you to swipe between several pages to see the rest. On the desktop you can see everything at once. Both the phone and desktop version are fully functional, so you can switch between them at your convenience.
  6. You don’t need to register or give me anything to try it out, as there’s a guest mode, accessible with a single click. Your data will stay with you as long as you don’t clear your cookies. Of course, the permanent accounts are also free. (I hope I’ll implement a function to make guest account permanent whenever you’re ready).

So please check it out. I sincerely hope you like it :slight_smile:

Pumpkin Time