Q: how to navigate data integrity when I change guided q’s in my tracker?

I’m assuming this is a basic issue for which many of you have navigated. Looking for some wisdom.

I have a tracker that helps me get what I want by keeping me tapped in to what’s most important leading to my current “life target.” then outlines the key areas of focus that drive my daily actions to achieve it. Some other people have started going through this process and now I created a methodology/ tool that helps people get what they want.

My problem: if the goal is to track the data to show me what’s I’m doing and not doing over weeks, leading to more informed actions to further help me get what I want, then what happens when I want to adjust, add or delete a guiding question? I have three main databases per user and data gets funky w changes. Any thoughts here would be helpful. Thanks!

What do you mean by “funky”?

what does “navigate data integrity” “guided q’s” mean? life target is a set of goals right? “areas of focus that drive my daily actions to achieve it.” what Good software engineering practices! Books on the subject.

Hello Dan, and welcome to the forum. Is the question on how to have a historical record when you make changes to the fields you are using? So, let’s say that you have a question like “How do you feel the day went on a scale from 1 to 10?” and at some point, the users wants to change it to something more personally meaningful to them, like “How proud are you of what you accomplished today on a scale from 1 to 10?”. You don’t to have to create a whole new field for what feels like a tweak, but you still want to know that when you are looking at the data, there was a change at some point?

Does that describe what you are asking?

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Yes! Thanks for helping me clarify.