QS Access on IOS 14

This app has been a godsend for me for the past 18 months. I export steps, distance walked/run and distance cycled and it worked well in all this time without fault.

Ive just recently updated to the IOS14 beta and have noticed that the app is no lonbert exporting any distance data for cycling or walking/running…and just steps seems to be in the available tabulated data.

Now this might be an issue with the beta or Apple may have changed how the data is collected or presented which has broken the app…wonder if anyone knows of a fix or if there is any planned update for this


We haven’t been able to devote resources to updating QS Access, unfortunately, so each new release seems to break more of it. If there is a QS community member who wants to support further development please get in touch.

I could take a look if you want? @michaelforrest on Github.