QS Aggregation / Graphing program

Hi Guys,

I have read through the quantified self guide and have huge interest in the concept, but I am hitting a wall trying to find out how to aggregate different metrics in order to overlay and graph them.

Basically I’m looking for the most effective way you guys use to take several datasets and graph them to find correlations. Do you just use excel sheets (are there templates available somewhere for download), or are there some good programs to enter different QS info in and have the program point out statistical correlations etc?

I currently have a Zeo and would like to input the following data to be graphed against each other:

  • Zeo sleep quality info
  • Mood ratings
  • Energy ratings
  • Food / Alcohol consumption (this is optional, I would prefer that the program break down the ingredients in my meals and point out where there is a correlation between individual ingredients and mood/sleep etc (i.e there is a correlation between eating too much sodium and lack of energy)
  • Workout info (either input my fitocracy data or just a binary “I worked out that day / I didn’t work out that day”

Anyways I don’t know if this type of program currently exists to graph all my info over each other but I really hope something like this does.

Thanks in advance for all the help.


Great question! I personally aggregate data from different sources in Excel and then compute correlations there (or in SPSS or SAS, which are statistical analysis software). You can also check out Statwing: http://measuredme.com/2012/09/meet-statwing-an-awesome-tool-to-analyze-your-quantified-self-data-html. It allows you to upload your data and then runs correlations (and also group differences) for you.

Regarding ZQ: I would recommend using not ZQ score, but its components (you would have to get them manually, from your app, by looking at each individual night’s score), like deep+REM sleep and total sleep, they have more predictive potential: http://measuredme.com/2012/12/comparing-zeo-bodymedia-and-sleep-time-app-sleep-metrics


Excellent reply and love your site measuredme.

I’m going to check out the programs you recommend and see what I can get going, thanks a lot for the help.