QS App not available anymore on iOs now?

Hello Team

I was using QS app on iOS without issues (Iphone 12), however (cant be sure since when) but now on iPhone 12 with iOS16, I am no longer able to find the app on appstore as well. Am I missing something?

Hi Nilesh, the QS app is not maintained – it was a free app that served it’s purpose for a time but we didn’t have the resources to keep it updated through all the iOS updates and Apple Developer requirements. I’m very curious what the latest/best approach to this. Any favorites?

Hey Agaricus - Thanks for the response. My personal favorite was QS app due to its simplicity yet powerful build. Currently I have tried few others but the better among them would be “Health App Data Export Tool”, Funn Medica , LLC from Appstore

There are few others but they are either complicated or do not have flexibility to offer only required data/format. I will miss the QS app and hope someone can bring it back to life


Can recommend the app I’ve developed Trackification that lets you easily track whatever you want through notifications, as well as follow up on analytics and define experiments (I’ve wrote about it here in the past and got some positive feedback, so think it might be useful).

Would love to hear if you find it useful, and of course I’m here for any question or feedback :slight_smile:

The creator of the app, Robin Barooah, thinks in a very clear headed way about software, with a focus on simplicity, utility, and present day requirements (rather than speculative possibilities). I think that’s why the app worked so well in its day. I think it wouldn’t be extraordinarily difficult to copy, if somebody had the skills and motivation, but because its features are so fundamental as to seem generic, it might be hard to find somebody motivated to maintain it. Apple, of course, could give us these features trivially, but… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I agree

Apple Health allows export but generates a complex set of huge data sets. I hope someone is motivated and find this app a new life!

Thanks Ram

I was basically looking for the export of steps, flights, run etc into a simple CSV format based on range or all data, thats it. I think this app is designed with a different purpose altogether, yeah?

Tanks Nilesh.
Sorry, I was not familiar with the app you were referring to and thought it’s for tracking in general.

I saw you wrote apple health provides this functionality- out of curiosity (and maybe I can try to help): how is it too complex, and how was the QS different from it?

I miss the QS app too. Much simpler to export specific data from Apple Health than get Health’s everything dump.

In my spare time I have been looking at iOS Shortcuts as others (outside of the QS fraternity) suggest that there are steps that provide the same CVS extraction as the old QS app did. Though not made much headway actually concotting a Shortcut.

Also looking at iOS Shortcuts as a way to bulk load my several years of blood pressure readings into Apple Healt.

What was special about the QS App was that it was basically a simple query engine that allowed you to “view your Apple Health data as a table.” You told it what you wanted to see, and it made some basic choices about parameters in the background and offered you a few choices in the UI, and then generated a .csv file for download. Currently, if you dump the Apple Health data into a file, you have to know how to set it up as a database and query it. There are many ways this could be made easier, and there are many dashboard apps that sort of do some parts of this, but nobody, as far as I know, has tried to do exactly what we did. (If somebody has, I’ll be as glad to learn about it as anybody.) we stopped maintaining it because it is actually quite a bit of work to maintain iOS apps, it didn’t seem special enough to support commercial app development, and that wasn’t really a business we wanted to be in even if it did. So if anybody wants to pick this up, copy it, make their own version, please do! As a user, I liked it a lot.