QS applied to Backpacking

Hello everyone! Didn’t know where to post this so please feel free to move it to the right forum!

I’m a fan of both Quantified Self and traveling and tried to combine both passions. I just wanted to share with you the presentation I came up with: the personal analytics of a backpacker!

I’m actually working on a program that would allow to measure productivity, movement and social interactions on both smartphone and computer. It’s still in its alpha version for now but I was doing some “informal tracking” during my 1-year travel in Australia in 2012 and tried to make the data I collected answer the question: what kind of backpacker am I?

It’s a rather “light” analysis, I prefer to warn you! :wink: I wanted to make data look fun to catch my friends’ attention and share my interest for QS with them and maybe other people that know nothing about Quantified Self! :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to reading your comments/advice on both the presentation and the product (what other data you think would have been interesting to measure? etc.)! :slight_smile: