QS Data Art and My Work

Hi all,

I am a media artist, interaction designer and currently a Ph.D. student in Media Art and Technology. My main interest is Data-driven Audiovisual Art based on the concept of Quantified Self and Data Art. I would like to share my recent experiment and work which visualizes and sonifies my phone use behavior obtained from an active screen time tracking app, Moments.


If there is someone having a similar interest or working on QS-based data art, I would love to discuss what he/she is working on and share opinions. And I hope I could have a chance to present my work at a QS conference in the near future.

Thank you.


Thank you for posting this fascinating work. Do you know the work of Stephen Cartwright? He’ll be at the Portland conference this weekend.


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Thanks for the information. I didn’t know him and his project. It’s also really interesting for me.

Thanks for posting your project, it is really cool.

I have also been interested in the intersection of QS data and art, and we’ve released our software to allow users to generate displays like the image attached, on a digital screen.
While right now we are displaying graphs and emojis we are also planning on releasing additional graphics -like flowers that will be in reach full bloom as you hit your goals. This way a user’s QS data can automatically impact their art frame display on a daily basis, to provide further motivation.

This content can be displayed on android tablet or any HDMI screen via a Raspberry Pi of Fire TV.
For more information check out: www.mangomirror.com

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It looks great and is really a cool idea! I am looking forward to seeing an improvement as you are planning.