QS device research and quick R code for mining biomedical literature

I think a lot about the things that future QS devices will track, especially at the blood chemistry/molecular bio level. I often read the blog of InsideTracker, the company that tracks biomarkers of health and athletic performance using blood samples.

In one post they discuss a protein called C-reactive protein, that they use to track inflammation. I have some R code that I use to quickly mine through biomedical abstracts and learn in what biomedical contexts the protein is typically discussed. I applied that to the C-reactive protein.

I shared the code and results on my blog.

I think this would be useful to any QS-er who were interested in learning about a specific medicine, supplement, or nutrient in the context of exercise and diet. For example, one might be surprised how creatine, marketed as an athletic performance supplement, is often discussed in biomedical literature in the context of improved cognition.