QS extending wikipedia

The information about trackers and tracking methodology on wikipedia is sparse. There should be a site for each activity tracker on wikipedia, and at least one site listing them all. What do you want to see there?

What would be suitable categories for trackers?

Are there things that we need to be aware of before posting relevant information? Why don’t companies like BASIS put more information about their devices on wikipedia?

Good find. Categorization on Wikipedia has indeed been pretty terrible. The closest one I found was “Telehealth”, and only the Zephyr BioHarness was in it.

Since Wikipedia has an article for Activity trackers, I’ve created and Activity trackers category. It has FitBit, BodyMedia, Jawbone. Withings though, doesn’t quite fit there, so I’ve started a category called Self tracking tools.

The activity trackers could be sub-categorized. “Sleep tracker” would be a useful category.

If you want to continue the effort, you’re good to go!

This strikes me as worthy and useful, maybe we should have a Wikipedia edit-a-thon!

An edit-a-thon would be great, because the state of QS-related articles on Wikipedia is pretty poor. My Wikipedia edits from last night show a lot of lackluster information… Nobody mentioned the Pebble app capabilities (despite the huge interest in Pebble), or that BodyMedia was acquired by Jawbone for $100M.

The two things we need to be aware of are:

  1. Avoiding a promotional tone and keeping neutral.
  2. Referencing the heck out of everything, especially for new articles.