QS-friendly Boston doctor? No sources to find local PCPs

I live in Boston, a city that trains a good portion of the best doctors in the US, and retains more than a few of them. Yet there is no obvious way to locate the QS-friendly primary care physicians here.

When I search on the internet, Paul Abramson in San Francisco shows up. For specialty care, luminaries like Eric Topol in La Jolla show up. But what about QS’ers who live across the country, in places like Boston? How do we find truly QS-friendly primary care physicians? Is it all by 20th century word-of-mouth? Why?

Here in Boston, I am interviewing concierge physicians charging $4-8K annually, yet so far they are more QS-tolerant than QS-friendly.

Any ideas?

Did you find any quant friendly doctors in Boston? I just moved here as well and I am trying to do the same thing. Would love to see an update.