QS Friendly Doctors in NYC


There is some information on the site about how to approach sharing personally collected data with your doctor… but I’m interested in this from a slightly different approach: finding a good doctor who already actively encourages QS.

Has anyone had luck finding a doctor like this in the NYC (Manhattan specifically) area? Or any suggestions on how to look? Even a doctor who by default uploads information to a PHR so it doesn’t have to be done manually, etc. Any help appreciated!


I meet these criteria but alas am out here in San Francisco. My patients generally see me in-person here, at least episodically. But please do update us if you find a Quant-Friendly Doctor in NYC since you’re not the first who’s asked for that.

Best of luck,
Paul Abramson MD

Have you had any luck? I recently posted a similar question on Quora:

Where can I find a list/directory of quant-friendly doctors?

Others are following the question, but so far haven’t gotten any responses :frowning:

  • Bob