QS friends in The Netherlands: where/how to do blood tests?

Hi everyone.

I’ve recently moved to Amsterdam from Cape Town and I’m looking to do my bi-annual blood panels. I’m looking for recommendations and guidance from any Dutch QS enthusiasts for how and where to go about this. Do I need to work via a general physician, or can I go direct? What are the best labs and how do the fees work?

The panels I’m looking at would be things like ferritin, folate, magnesium, vit. D, etc. I want to get a good baseline (in my new environment) before I begin fiddling with supplementation. In future, I’d be interested in hormone panels too, if that’s possible.

Note: I have Dutch health insurance via Aon and don’t mind travelling outside the city if it’s worth it.


Update: I received the following recommendation from Peter Joosten offline.

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Thank you for posting that link.

Seems to be only in