QS iOS app

Your QS iOS app for exporting health data out of the Apple HealthKit is broken with the new release of ios13. It crashes every time to select create table. Is there a fix for this coming?

If you uncheck “heart rate” in the list before creating the table, it works. I found that in the comments on the App Store page.

Just tested it again on iOS 13.2 and unchecking “heart rate” lets me create the table. If I try to export “heart rate” only and leave everything else off, it crashes. Sort of a bummer not to get HR data, but for now it’s workable.

Ah, I hadn’t heard that yet. Thanks for letting us know!

To be honest, I read that tidbit in the comments on the App Store page. I can’t remember who posted it or the date, but I’m pretty sure that’s where I found it.

Just to confirm heart rate is the problem with iOS 13. Checking heart rate in conjunction with other options or alone crashes app