QS Literature


I was just wondering whether there were any books that people thought were particularly seminal in terms of Self-Quantifying? By this I include both technical literature and novels that happen to get to the heart of the issue.

Any answers gratefully received

Great question, James!

Here are my ideas:

Here’s another one:

[*]Your Life, Uploaded: The Digital Way to Better Memory, Health, and Productivity - Gordon Bell and Jim Gemmell
Please note this is just a renamed reprint of Total Recall: How the E-Memory Revolution Will Change Everything, so if you have already read Total Recall no need to get this one.

But if you’re interested in QS and haven’t read Total Recall then it’s a must.

Here are some favs that I’ve read:
»No More Sleepless Nights Workbook by Peter Hauri; Permalink: http://amzn.com/0471394998 (by the way, you really have to get the “Sleep Timer” with it as this device measures sleep latency. The gist of this book is to experiment with different sleep hygene practices to find out what makes YOU less sleepy durring the day and sleep better at night)

»Overcoming Depression One Step at a Time: The New Behavioral Activation Approach to Getting Your Life Back by Michael Addis; Permalink: http://amzn.com/1572243678 (this book uses cognitive/behavioral psychology to affect mood. It works on the premise that social interaction with other people correlates directly with mood. It has several charts and exercises that I found to be very good at measuring mood whether you suffer from depression or not.)

»My Life In Graphs-A Guided Journal; Permalink: http://amzn.com/1601061285 (This book has tons of graphs and charts to journal your daily activities. It is based on the idea that diaries are not just putting words to paper, but also using data that we collect to create visual charts and graphs of what happens in our life.)

Hope you try one of these and post your review of the book here.

Bryan Lundeen